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Netradeep was established in 2000 as an individual effort with dreams of offering the best of all diagnostic treatment facilities with cost effectiveness by Dr. Arpan Khan, an enthusiastic dynamic patient friendly eye surgeon. Over the years with continued perseverance we have expanded from a single room clinic to a OPD at Netradeep and a hi-tech, patient friendly prestigious operation theatre at City Medical Centre, the eye operation unit of Netradeep. The trust and confidence of our patient helped us to grow into a team of motivation with excellence.

Cataract is the commonest cause of reversible blindness in India. Netradeep provides the excellence in eye care by providing latest hi-tech technology for Phacoemulsification surgery of Cataract at reasonable cost. Cataract surgery has also entered the new era of MICS(Micro Incision Cataract Surgery) which has decreased the wound size for earliest rehabilitation. Our operation theatre is equipped with latest Abott Sovereign Compact Phaco System and world famous Carl - Zeiss Microscope providing injection less and painless operation with utmost comfort.

Glaucoma is another prevailing cause of blindness in our community. Filtration surgery for permetropics with the help of latest technology is done in association with Implant's Better Sight Centre.

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Cataract is the leading cause of curable blindness in India. Now we will see few frequently asked questions about cataract and its treatments.



Glaucoma is a slowly progressive visual loss due to the damage of optic nerve - the part responsible for carrying images to brain.



A layer at the backhe brain, where a visual image is formed. Diabetes is now a very common disease in our community.



A mechanical blade (Microkeratome) cuts a flap of cornea → a hinge is left at the edge of flap → flap is folded back revealing corneal stroma.